Since 1943

In 1943, Renee Schick, the widow of a rabbi with small children to support, successfully shared her love of baking with her Brooklyn community by opening Schick's bakery.  Rising at 3 a.m. to craft traditional desserts, Renee Schick soon created the most famous bakery in New York.                                 

Over the past 75 years we have become famous for our premier macaroons, seven layer cake and other traditional Eastern European breads, cakes, and cookies.

But the holidays are when Schick's becomes the nation's center for kosher treats. Using traditional techniques under constant rabbinical supervision, we bake macaroons, brownies, honey cakes, doughnuts and a host of other handmade sweets.

Whether you are buying for a market or for your family dinner, we look forward to sharing our amazing products with you.  

It's only a celebration with Schick's on the table.